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LHX6 Antibody (C-term) Blocking Peptide



  • Format: Peptides are lyophilized in a solid powder format. Peptides can be reconstituted in solution using the appropriate buffer as needed.
  • Gene Id: 26468
  • Category: Peptides; Blocking Peptides
  • Subtitle: Synthetic peptide
  • Gene Name: LHX6
  • Other Names: LIM/homeobox protein Lhx6, LIM homeobox protein 6, LIM/homeobox protein Lhx61, LHX6, LHX61
  • Availability: 2 weeks
  • Bio Background: This gene encodes a member of a large protein family thatcontains the LIM domain, a unique cysteine-rich zinc-bindingdomain. The encoded protein may function as a transcriptionalregulator and may be involved in the control of differentiation anddevelopment of neural and lymphoid cells. Two alternatively splicedtranscript variants encoding distinct isoforms have been describedfor this gene. Alternatively spliced transcript variants have beenidentified, but their biological validity has not been determined.
  • Bio References: Rose, J.E., et al. Mol. Med. 16 (7-8), 247-253 (2010) :Jung, S., et al. Oncol. Rep. 23(6):1675-1682(2010)Joslyn, G., et al. Alcohol. Clin. Exp. Res. 34(5):800-812(2010)Estecio, M.R., et al. Oncogene 25(36):5018-5026(2006)Humphray, S.J., et al. Nature 429(6990):369-374(2004)
  • Primary Accession: Q9UPM6