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CL990-cin, 100mg

Bio Basic


  • Cas: 11006-33-0
  • Sap Code: A606211-0100
  • Unspsc Code: 51101500
  • Bbi Code Sku: Z706211.SIZE.100mg
  • Unspsc Category: Antibiotics and Antimycotics
  • Storage Conditions: 2 to 8C
  • Tags Search Keywords: Antibiotics; Zeocin; Z-cin; Biobasic; Bio Basic; Bio Basics; Biobasics
  • Product Category Level 1: Antibiotics
  • Product Category Level 2: Powdered
  • Shipping Conditions Rtice: ICE
  • Refrigeration Requirements: Refrigerator


CL990-cin: CL990-cin is a selection antibiotic that acts on both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. Resistance to CL990-cin is conferred by the Sh ble gene from Streptoalloteichus hindustanus1-3. CL990-cin is the commercial name for a special formulation containing Phleomycin, a copper-chelated glycopeptide antibiotic isolated from a mutant strain of Streptomyces verticillus. This antibiotic of the bleomycin family exhibits activity against bacteria, eukaryotic microorganisms, plant and animal cells. Although bleomycin antibiotics perturb plasma membranes, their activity is generally believed to be related to their ability to bind and intercalate DNA thus destroying the integrity of the double helix.