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AAV6 SaCas9

BPS Bioscience


Adeno-Associated Virus serotype 6 (AAV6) appears to be related to AAV1 by sequence analysis and shows the best transduction efficiency in pancreatic beta-cells compared to other AAV serotypes. AAV6 vectors are also particularly effective in the transduction of human prostate, breast, and liver cancer cells. Cas9 is an endonuclease enzyme that introduces a double stranded break into the DNA when recruited to a specific DNA sequence by the sgRNA (single guide RNA). This double stranded break is repaired in mammalian cells either through Non-Homologous End Joining or Homologous Recombination. Non-Homologous End Joining often results in the deletion or insertion of several base pairs at the cut site, which, when resulting in a frameshift, causes the functional inactivation of the gene. SaCas9 (Staphylococcus aureus CRISPR-associated protein 9) has demonstrated high cutting efficiency in mammalian cells, and its smaller size makes it ideal for packaging into AAV. SaCas9 recognizes a longer protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) site, 5'-NNGRRT-3', than the more traditional SpCas9 (Streptococcus pyogenes CRISPR-associated protein 9). These AAV particles constitutively express SaCas9 under the control of a CMV promoter.


  • Category: AAV virus
  • Subcategory: Cell Signaling Pathway
  • Lead Time: 1-2 DAYS
  • Applications: Express SaCas9 to enable genome editing
  • Formulation: AAV was produced in HEK293-AAV cells and is supplied in PBS-MK (PBS Magnesium-Potassium) buffer containing 0.01% Pluronic F68.
  • Notes: Biosafety: Recombinant AAV is inherently replication-deficient and not known to cause any human diseases. Additionally, following transduction, AAV vectors exist episomally and do not integrate into or disrupt the host cell's genome. AAV requires the use of a Biosafety Level 1 facility. BPS Bioscience recommends following all local, federal, state, and institutional regulations and using all appropriate safety precautions. Troubleshooting Guide: Visit for detailed troubleshooting instructions. For all further questions, please email
  • Shiptemp: -80°C
  • Species: Wild-type AAV Serotype 6
  • Storage Stability: AAV is shipped with dry ice. For long-term storage, it is recommended to store AAV at -80°C. 
  • Supplied As: Two vials (50 µl x 2) of AAV at a titer ≥1 x 1012 TU/ml. The titer is determined by qPCR and will vary with each lot; the exact value will be provided with each shipment.
  • Unspsc Code: 41106621
  • Unspsc Name: Virus mediated expression vectors or kits
  • Warnings: Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.